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As a media distributor, AMP’s core business is none other than the distribution of media. Even so, newspapers and magazines are not the only products distributed to news outlets on a daily basis. AMP delivers a wide range of products to news traders every day, including stickers, encyclopaedias, toys, sunglasses, electronic cigarettes, gadgets, etc. All imaginable products are marketed, often in conjunction with our partner, Burnonville Distribution. Below are just some of our largest diversification partners.

Panini, Topss, Burnonville Distribution, Mobistar, Base, Proximus, Ortel, Lyca Mobile, Scarlet, De Lijn, TEC, Buy Way and PCS, to name just a few.

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About us

AMP is Belgium’s largest media distributor. It has been an industry leader since its establishment as national media distributor in 1885. Today, AMP serves more than 5,300 sales outlets in Belgium. Every day, the company distributes more than 700,000 magazines and 550,000 newspapers that include 325 unique magazine titles and 175 newspaper titles. AMP is part of bpost.



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