Making sure that your products reach the outlets in our network means making sure that they enjoy greater exposure. Outlets are quickly stocked with your product. When ordered before 12:00, they are in-store by the next day! This means that there is never reason for outlets to run out of your product. One of our greatest advantages is the speed with which we can arrange your promotions. And you are guaranteed of receiving your money because outlets will have paid in advance. Invoicing and possible debt collections are handled in full by AMP, so there are no administrative hassles for you.

About us

AMP is Belgium’s largest media distributor. It has been an industry leader since its establishment as national media distributor in 1885. Today, AMP serves around 4,500 sales outlets in Belgium. Every day, the company distributes more than 425,000 magazines and 260,000 newspapers that include 6000 unique magazine titles and 180 newspaper titles. AMP is part of bpostgroup.



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1070 Brussel


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