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In sight, in mind

Exposure is of vital importance to magazines. They must not just be seen by your readers, but also by your sale outlets. For this purpose, our marketing and communication colleagues offer you a range of options for conveying your message. An unmistakeable announcement on Distriweb? An eye-catching message in distribution crates? Anything is possible!


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Measuring = knowing

Sales and distribution figures are not just a source of information for your next presentation, they also give you the opportunity to break new ground! Our Stats Explorer online tool can process large amounts of raw data for you in order to create a more transparent understanding. It can make it easier for you to monitor and even predict the habits of your consumers.


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Simpler b2b management

Choose Partner Press and you will be choosing easier management of local and international media subscriptions aimed at companies and corporate customers.


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Private online orders

Visitors can use the unique webshop to order copies of their favourite publications, or even to activate subscriptions.


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So-called ‘shop subscriptions’ or ‘subscriptions delivered to sales outlets’ are becoming more and more popular. In 2014, more than 1,774,000 copies were delivered, representing a growth of 14.8% in relation to 2013.


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Press Shop & Relay
Specialist media network
Tailor-made promotions and competitions
Exclusive rights in train and metro stations
Exclusive rights in airports
Cashpoint displays
Open 6 days a week (8:00 – 20:00)
Encourages impulsive purchases and exposure
Restocked twice a week
Cashpoint displays in 45 Hypermarkets
Outlets with high footfall
Open 6 days a week (8:00 – 20:00)
Restocked twice a week
Standaard Boekhandel
145Standaard Boekhandel
Specialist media and book network
High-traffic locations
Customers spend more time here
Promotional displays amongst bestsellers (newspapers and weekly’s)

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AMP is Belgium’s largest media distributor. It has been an industry leader since its establishment as national media distributor in 1885. Today, AMP serves around 4,500 sales outlets in Belgium. Every day, the company distributes more than 425,000 magazines and 260,000 newspapers that include 6000 unique magazine titles and 180 newspaper titles. AMP is part of bpostgroup.



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