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For more than a century, AMP has made sure that media find their way from publishers to retailers. To this day, we distribute media to independent news traders, small supermarkets, petrol stations, large supermarkets, press shops, bookshops, etc. on 6 a week. A total of 5,300 sales outlets trust our unrivalled expertise.


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Diversification: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

The days when news outlets only sold newspapers are long gone. Today, diversification is crucial when it comes to attracting new customers and further boosting your sales figures. Fortunately, AMP has already been applying this approach for some time and even our logistical solutions are fully geared towards it. This means that you can rely on us for your diversification products, just like you do for your publications.


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We handle everything

Even though your customers might love new incentives, constantly restyling your sales outlet would be an impossible task. Or maybe not? With AMP’s mobile network, you do not have to change anything at all. You simply choose which outlets in which regions you would like to change, while we position the mobile displays and remove them after promotional activities. This means that you can keep surprising your customers without doing anything yourself.


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Training store

The sale of media is a trade in its own right. A trade that you can learn in our true-to-life Training Store. This will prepare you for the real thing.

Simplify your administration

Is admin not one of your strengths? Then you can count on Distriweb, our secret weapon for simplifying your administration process. Here, you can also read about all the latest developments.

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Do it right with Kariboo!

Parcel service Kariboo! will give your customers another reason to visit your outlet. With its reliable, user-friendly and well-priced service, it is no wonder that Kariboo! has become the parcel service of choice.

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Shop subscriptions

The shop subscription system confirms the fact that consumers want to be able to choose from a wider range of subscription options. With ‘shop subscriptions’, consumers can collect their favourite newspapers or magazines from your outlet.

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The number one asset in your outlet

A cash register specially designed for newsagents covering a multitude of functions that are adapted to your products’ sales.

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Satisfy your curiosity

Do you want to know when your products or orders will be arriving? You can use AMP’s smart Track & Trace system to follow them from A to Z.

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About us

AMP is Belgium’s largest media distributor. It has been an industry leader since its establishment as national media distributor in 1885. Today, AMP serves around 4,500 sales outlets in Belgium. Every day, the company distributes more than 425,000 magazines and 260,000 newspapers that include 6000 unique magazine titles and 180 newspaper titles. AMP is part of bpostgroup.



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